Fuse Communications Group

Fuse Impact & Communications Strategy PDF 720Kb

Please note that we are currently in process of updating this strategy to reflect our priorities going forward.


The aim of the Communications Group is to maximise the impact and effectiveness of Fuse work, to raise the profile of Fuse as a Centre for excellence in Research and Knowledge Exchange and to use communications to build a unity of purpose within Fuse, and between Fuse and our partners.


    • To examine and recommend action on all issues relating to internal communications, and communications with our partners and funders.
    • To have responsibility for external relations with the public and with practice & policy partners by managing the various media through which we present our message and research findings.
    • To develop forms of communication which will share learning and help build research capacity.


The Communications group is chaired by Mark Welford, Fuse Communications Manager, School of Health and Life Sciences, Teesside University who provides overall leadership for communications within the Centre. 

The committee’s core membership consists of other Fuse members representing key strands of the Centre’s work, including:

    • Dr Lesley Haley
      AskFuse Research Associate, School of Health and Life Sciences
      Teesside University

    • Dr Rawand Jarra
      Postdoctoral Research Associate
      University of Sunderland

    • Professor Amelia Lake
      Reader in Public Health Nutrition
      School of Science, Engineering & Design, Teesside University

    • Ms Cassie Muir
      PhD Student, Population Health Sciences Institute
      Newcastle University

    • Ms Agata Robertson
      Fuse Manager
      Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University

    • Dr Peter van der Graaf
      AskFuse Research Manager
      Northumbria University

    • Dr Santosh Vijaykumar
      Associate Professor, Health and Risk Communication Scientist, Dept. of Psychology
      Northumbria University

    • Ms Cheryl Wiscombe
      Fuse Administrator
      Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University