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Bump to Buggy: Physical Activity in Pregnancy project

Community Partnership Award winner 2018

As part of the Nouveau Wellbeing 10th Anniversary celebrations in November 2018, The Bump to Buggy project won the Community Partnership award. Nouveau Wellbeing Community Interest Company (CIC), which provided community-based fitness and wellbeing activities planned a project aiming to reduce the number of active women that stopped physical activity once pregnant. The CIC aimed to do this by providing bespoke solutions to barriers in participating in physical activity - which had been identified in previous research.

AskFuse was contacted by the CIC and the project steering group, (comprising the CIC, Tees Valley Sport, County Durham Sport, Durham County Council and Public Health team, Darlington Council, Durham Community Action, and County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust’s antenatal service). The CIC planned to submit a funding application to Sport England’s "Physical Activity in Pregnancy” call, and requested advice to develop their project proposal and the design of the project evaluation.

AskFuse supported the enquiry by publicising the enquiry across the Fuse research network. In addition, AskFuse negotiated with the project steering group and Fuse researchers from Newcastle and Northumbria universities, to develop and submit an outline proposal, which was successful. A full proposal for the second stage of the selection process was also successful.

The project proposal, which was supported by AskFuse, resulted in:

  • New collaborations between the CIC, project steering group partners and Fuse researchers from Teesside and Newcastle universities
  • A successful outline proposal
  • A successful full proposal for the second application stage
  • Funding from April 2018 for a new PhD research student to evaluate the project which will also increase research capacity and capability.

An evaluation of the project (applying an action research model) is planned, which will explore demotivators and barriers to participation, develop clear referral routes that cater for different groups of women, and explore what improves skills and capacity among sport staff and health professionals.

For more information, please contact:
AskFuse manager: Peter van der Graaf
Phone: 01642 342757

News: Bump to Buggy project will help new and expectant mothers to stay active


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