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“In Good Hands” Deafblind Support project

Social Return on Investment for a Deafblindness intervention

The “In Good Hands Project North East” (IGH) project aimed to raise awareness of older people with age acquired deafblindness, and increase the skills of people working with them in care and community support.  SCENE Enterprises Community Interest Company (CIC), based in Tyne and Wear, supported the project by providing training and qualifications to people working in the care sector.  

SCENE Enterprises had a positive experience previously of working with AskFuse, and wanted to use the service again.  SCENE requested an evaluation into the social value of IGH for different beneficiary groups, to identify key stakeholders, express these outcomes in a monetary value, and map the outcomes of the project. 

AskFuse supported this enquiry by publicising it across the Fuse research network.  AskFuse then introduced SCENE staff to Fuse researchers based at Teesside University who were experienced in Social Return on Investment (SROI) approaches.    

The evaluation team adopted an action research approach.  The SROI framework aimed to quantify social, economic and environmental impacts created through interventions.  Working alongside SCENE staff, the Fuse researchers accessed existing information, and regularly fedback the development of the evaluation and the SROI.  The project ran from 2015-2017.

AskFuse support for this enquiry resulted in:

  • Collaborations between SCENE staff and Fuse academics, with Fuse Sunderland researchers acting as research supervisors
  • Identifying gaps in the research evidence
  • Developing online questionnaires for the SROI approach
  • Identifying and interviewing key stakeholders about the project
  • Providing an SROI Impact Map of the “In Good Hands” project
  • Delivering a final report which included a calculation of social return on investment for the intervention.

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