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Neighbourhood Care Teams pilot project

Evaluating multi-disciplinary integrated teams implementing Collaborative Care Plans for people with complex needs.

The Neighbourhood Care Teams pilot project involved multi-disciplinary and integrated teams developing and implementing Collaborative Care Plans for people with complex needs receiving care packages from multiple health and care providers.  The pilot project aimed to improve quality of care and reduce the risk of admission to health or social care services.

AskFuse was approached by Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for help to evaluate the project.  The CCG was keen to learn more about the opinions, behaviours and attitudes of patients, carers, staff and leaders.  The evaluation results would also be used to scale-up the project across the region.

The AskFuse service supported this enquiry by publicised their request across Fuse.  AskFuse received two expressions of interest from two Fuse research teams, each focusing on different but feasible research questions.  AskFuse facilitated negotiations between the CCG and the two Fuse teams, and the proposal from Fuse researchers from Teesside University was chosen.

This evaluation, supported by AskFuse, resulted in:

  • Collaborations between the CCG, the Neighbourhood Care Teams, and Fuse researchers from Teesside University
  • The CCG having access to a variety of evaluation design and delivery options, because AskFuse could access the expertise across the five universities
  • The opinions and attitudes of service users, staff, and other stakeholders, being collected and analysed by the Fuse researchers
  • Additional qualitative research data for Fuse researchers, which supplemented the quantitative data already collected by the CCG.  This strengthened the evidence for insights into how further health and social care integration could be achieved
  • Completion of the evaluation within time and budget.

Recommendations from the evaluation were useful, timely and relevant for the next phase of the project roll-out.

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