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Reflecting on 10 years with Fuse: collaborations, risks, joys and friendships

In a very special episode of the Fuse podcast, our host and public partner Victoria Bartle speaks with former Fuse Director Ashley Adamson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition at Newcastle University.

Recently stepping down as Fuse Director after 10 years, Ashley tells us about her proudest achievements and what she wished she could have done in her time as Centre lead.

Ashley tells us about her background in nutrition and dietetics, moving into Public Health after frustrations in spending time ‘mopping up the floor’ when ‘no one’s turning off the tap’, and 30 years at Newcastle University.

She shares her pride in working with the Hairy Bikers to write a healthy diet recipe book that knocked ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ off the top of the book charts, and pays tribute to Dave Myers who passed away earlier this year.

Victoria and Ashley discuss how Public Involvement and Engagement helps research and researchers to relate to people’s lives, make a difference, and keep our feet on the ground. And of course the role of serendipity in research making an impact.

Finally, Ashley passes on words of wisdom to new Fuse Director Professor Sheena Ramsay, and answers the big question: "If you had one message for our listeners to take away, what would it be?" Listen now to find out.

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More about our guest

After graduation in 1987 Ashley Adamson worked as a dietitian in the NHS before moving to Newcastle University as a Research Associate to work on the Northumberland cross sectional cohort studies. She was awarded her PhD (a study of the changes in the diets of adolescents 1980-1990) from Faculty of Medicine Newcastle University in 1993. In 1992, Ashley moved back into clinical practice and worked in a number of community dietetic posts and in primary care in London. She returned to Newcastle University in 1995 to take up a post as Lecturer in the newly created Human Nutrition Research Centre to develop a research programme in Public Health Nutrition.

She was awarded a personal chair in 2010, Fellowship of Faculty of Public Health in 2011, and a NIHR Research Professorship in 2012. She was appointed NIHR Senior Investigator in 2017. She was appointed Director of Fuse in 2014 and National Director of NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) in 2017.

Professor Adamson is now the Director of the NIHR Research Support Service Specialist Centre for Public Health.

About our host

Victoria Bartle is this episode's host. She is a public partner who has collaborated closely with Fuse and the wider public partner-led podcast planning group in creating the 'Public Health Research & Me' podcast. Victoria has been involved with research from a patient and public perspective since she had to stop working in 2016 due to multiple long-term health conditions. Victoria is passionate about health and social care research, and feels that the input from every public partner makes research more focused and beneficial to all.

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