Behaviour change

Evaluating The CURE Project stop smoking service

What is the project about?

A qualitative study with behavioural analysis of The CURE Project which delivers stop smoking services in hospitals and other secondary care settings.

What does this involve?

The study involves conducting interviews with the CURE delivery and leadership team to identify key behaviours and factors that will help implement the CURE model of stop smoking at scale across England.

What is currently happening?

To date we have conducted 10 interviews with members of the CURE team. Due to COVID-19 data collection was interrupted. The national roll out planned initially for May 2020 was postponed until summer 2020.

What does this research want to achieve?

The process evaluation, including interviews with key stakeholders and behavioural analysis (using the Behaviour Change Wheel approach), aims to inform the development of a service specification for the national model and subsequent planned phases of roll out.

Who will find the results useful?

The findings will be particularly interesting to anyone involved in delivering, implementing and commissioning stop smoking services in hospitals and other secondary care settings.

Who is conducting the research?

The research is led by Angela Rodrigues (Northumbria University), alongside other programme members Angela Wearn and Katie Haighton (Northumbria University), and Anna Haste (Newcastle University).

Who funded this study?

This project is funded by Public Health England.

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